How do I get rid of Chest Wrinkles?

Preventative tips on getting rid of chest wrinklesThis is a question many women ask, and certainly one that has many answers. Over time, the skin between a women’s breast comes together from either sleeping on their side, or from breasts being pushed up and together. Over time this process creates deep creases on your chest. Once the chest has wrinkles, the sun can further damage the area by causing pigmentation and discoloration. According to Dr. Oz and Dr. Jaliman, women do have options on minimizing chest wrinkles, and possibly returning the stressed area to a more youthful and supple appearance. These solutions are as follows –

Solutions to Minimize Chest Wrinkles

1.) Sleeping on your back – The process of sleeping on your back prevents the breasts from rubbing together and causing stress to the chest.
2.) Breast Pillow – For those women that sleep on your side, then it is recommended to use a breast pillow that securely and comfortably fits in between the breasts at night. This way you can minimize the impact. Some women report that their wrinkles have greatly diminished as a result of using a breast pillow. Dr. Oz and Dr. Jaliman recommend the Intima Breast Pillow.
3.) Use a Over-The_Counter Retinol Cream at night – This cream helps reduce the sun damage and appearance of wrinkles on the chest. However, it should be noted that retinol cream should only be used at night as it does interact with the sun.
4.) Sunscreen – Of course, all dermatologists recommend this as a great way to fight sun damange and protect your chest against cleavage wrinkles.

Here is a video describing ways to prevent chest wrinkles –

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