Intima Breast Pillow helps minimize chest wrinkles.

Intima Breast Pillow Helps Minimize Cleavage Wrinkles

The Intima Breast Pillow is the  most expensive product so far when it comes to ways to minimize chest wrinkles, but it is also made really really well. Unlike the Decollete Silicone pad, or Kush support, the Intima Breast Pillow utilizes soft straps to hold the breast pillow in place during the night, which we think is a great option. You also don’t have to worry about the adhesive quality like you do on the Decollete Pads, as the Intima breast pillow is made from a high quality synthetic satin like material (Actually 90% nylon / 10% Spandex) and a hypoallergenic filler for the pillow. Simply hand wash your Intima pillow in cold water and air dry when needed.

When we compare the Initma breast pillow against other options, we really like this product because it stays in place and is reusable. With that being said, there were some complaints about adjusting the straps if you are a smaller women, but once you have it in place it is really quite comfortable to use. Overall, after several days of use, this product minimizes the appearance of chest wrinkles, and we feel is a great long term solution to minimize further damage to the chest from sleeping on your side.

How to Use the Straps on the Intima Breast Pillow

Intima Breast Pillow Reduces Chest WrinklesWhat we like about the Intima Breast pillow is the ability to hold the pillow in place during the night from the straps. These straps work just like a bra, and can be adjusted to fit your specific body type. Although, from our research some users have claimed that the adjustment for really small body types can be a challenge, we feel the strap system is the best way to minimize the appearance of chest wrinkles over the long term. We feel that when combined with the Decollete pad, this would be a great system to help minimize and prevent further chest wrinkles.

Pros –

  1. Strap system holds pillow in place
  2. Great long term solution to minimize further chest wrinkles
  3. Appears to be high quality
  4. Adjustable
  5. Reusable and able to hand wash

Cons –

  1. Expensive
  2. Straps might not adjust properly to some body types

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