Kush Breast Support Helps Minimize Cleavage Wrinkles

Kush Breast Support

This product is another alternative to the Decollete pad and the Intima bra. It is made out of a squishy material that is very similar to a stress ball. The Kush product says that it should be used for women with breast implants, breast feeding, larger breasted women, and women who are looking to minimize cleavage wrinkles. At first glance, this product is a great idea. Lightweight, affordable, made out of quality slip resistant material. It even is pretty anatomically contoured to fit in between a women’s breasts for extra comfort. What we liked about this product at first glance was the fact that you didn’t have to worry about silicone adhesiveness, or straps (like the Intima bra or Decollete pads). However, because it was really just a product you rested/fit in between your breasts, this also became the biggest complaint.

From our research we found that women have a hard time keeping the Kush in place during the night. It was suggested that you may need to wear a sports bra, or t-shirt to keep it in place, and since every women is different we provided it a lower rating than the other products. Even though the Decollete pad had similar, but less occurrences of falling off during the night, we found the silicone from the pad to actually reduce the appearance of wrinkles on day one, which is why the Decollete chest wrinkle pad is rated higher than the Kush Support.

Pros –

  1. Affordable and Lightweight
  2. Very Durable
  3. Does offer support for the breasts which may be useful for women who are breastfeeding

Cons –

  1. Hard to keep in place unless you use a shirt or support bra
  2. The other options seem to be better at minimizing chest wrinkles

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