How To Reduce the Appearance of Chest Wrinkles? A Review of Decollete Pads.

Decollette Pads Correct Chest Wrinkles

Decollete pads are constructed out of 100% medical grade silicone, and are certainly different from the other products offered (i.e. breast pillows). At first we were a little skeptical of placing a silicone sheet on our chest, but after doing a little research on the benefits of using silicone in hospitals, and reading about positive uses by dermatologists to treat burns, scars, plastic surgery, we decided that this could be a great idea! At the very least, it would be worth a try on our quest to minimize unsightly chest wrinkles.

How Decollete Pads Work?

Chest wrinkles can be attributed to a number of causes. The most obvious include sun exposure, sleeping on your side, from breast implants, push up bras, etc. Once the collagen in the skin breaks down, the vertical lines on the chest tend to linger. From our understanding, the silicone improves the irregular collagen structure and helps bring needed moisture to the surface. Decollete Pads claim silicone treats wrinkles by providing moisture to the skin, improves collagen, which can all result in flattening wrinkles out. In addition, Decollete Pads also claim that prologonged use will help return the chest to a more youthful look by softening fine lines and wrinkles. What’s not to like about that!

We ordered our Decollete pad online and it came to us via UPS in a small box. As we really didn’t know what to expect, the actual package that it comes in is quite small. The package containing the silicone sheet is the size of a 5.5″ x 8.5″ manilla folder. The actual size of the Decollete pad is around 5″ x 5.5″. I took out the silicone sheet from the packaging (but still kept in the protective clear plastic) and took a quick photo next to a pen so that you could get an idea of the size. Overall, not extremely large, but possibly large enough to cover the problem area where chest wrinkles happen.

Silicone Pad for chest wrinkles

Notes on Applying the Décolleté Pad, and sleeping overnight with it. It does work!

Decollette Pads to minimize chest wrinklesApplying the silicone pad to the Décolleté is really easy. There are just a couple instructions to follow on the back of the package that are labeled in step by step format. Upon removing the silicone pad, you want to make sure to keep the clear poly bag that it comes in. Apparently this bag is used to store the pad when not in use and keeps the adhesive quality. I also made sure that my skin was clear of any lotions, oils, or soap as to not disrupt the adhesiveness of the pad. I read that it is important to keep the adhesive quality to silicone, or else it won’t work.

After applying the pad before bed, it took a couple minutes to get used to, especially when it heats up to your body temperature. But after a bit, I had completely forgotten about the Decollete pad, and was able to fall asleep easily. When I woke up the pad was still there, and I actually did notice that it really works! The wrinkles on my chest were smooth, and dramatically reduced. I continued to use it for a couple more nights with even greater success, and can honestly say that silicone does work in reducing chest wrinkles.

 Pros –

  1. Affordable (especially when compared to laser treatments at the dermatologist that can cost upwards of $1,000 a month).
  2. Non-Invasive
  3. Small, compact, and clear.
  4. 100% Medical Grade Silicone
  5. Does minimize the appearance of chest wrinkles

Cons –

  1. A couple nights when I started to sweat, the pad was removed
  2. Maybe slight larger?
  3. Adhesive quality could go away if directions aren’t followed.

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