Two Ways to Prevent Chest Wrinkles While Sleeping On Your Side.

How to Prevent Wrinkles from Sleeping On Your Side?Plenty of us ask this question? Does sleeping on your side, your face, or any positon other than your back cause wrinkles? In short, yes! Dr. Jaliman, a prominent New York dermatoligist and author of SKIN RULES states, “The way you sleep does affect wrinkles — that’s why some lines are called sleep lines. If you crunch your face against a pillow you can get them.” The same can go for other areas on your body like your chest. In fact, in a recent Huffington Post article titled, “Does Sleeping On Your Side Cause Wrinkles? Beauty Myth or Not?”, Dr Jaliman recommends “It’s best to sleep on your back, although most people find this difficult, one way to do this is to put a around your neck and to prop yourself with other pillows all around you so you don’t turn in your sleep.” One thing might be for sure, it might be possible to minimize sleep wrinkles via a satin pillow sheet, or a beauty pillow, but what about effectively dealing with chest wrinkles? We believe that you have two other options that have worked out really well for other women in minimizing chest wrinkles, and preventing further wrinkles form occurring.

As previously stated in other articles, the Intima Breast Pillow, or the Decollete Pad have received great reviews from women, and do in fact help prevent chest wrinkles from sleeping on your side.

Chest Wrinkles From Sleeping

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